All On-Board


Get new hires integrated into your culture 

and productive as soon as possible.

You’ve made a great hire. Now it’s time to prepare her for

success. Getting new employees up-to-speed and 

productive as soon as possible seems like a high priority;

but  surprisingly, few organizations excel at it.


Now there is a simple on-boarding process and system

that compliments automated, transactional on-boarding. 

All On-Board™ is an approach designed to drive

immediate results, promote new hire satisfaction and increase employee retention.


The process and methodology for breaking through.


A unique blend of education know-how and mobile technology provides efficient on-boarding of new

hires anytime and anywhere. There is no need for multiple, expensive home-office visits and sessions

that require managers’ time and delay productivity.


  • A formal process for on-boarding by position

  • Focus on competency, social and satisfaction goals

  • Integratge the process into existing systems

  • Actively engage and encourage progress via assigned tasks with fulfillment timelines and
    and reporting points

  • Review analytics for effectiveness and continuous improvement

  • Save managers' time and increase efficiency

  • Accommodate the way today's employees prefer to learn

  • Measure competency, social and satisfaction objectives with built-in analytics


A unique, structured approach.


Based on proven results, All On Board™ goes far beyond traditional on-boarding software. You have complete control over what you present to new hires, how and when it is presented. Your program is designed so that new hires feel welcome, secure, valued, proud, excited and confident.


A comfortable fit for any organiztion.


All On-Board™ is designed to integrate smoothly with any organization’s culture and style. You strengthen your organization with the ability to adapt your on-boarding program to a changing workforce.

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