Assertive Negotiating


Negotiate with confidence to get

more of what you want.


Whether you negotiate primarily with customers, clients or

co-workers, effective negotiation skills can help you present

your viewpoints clearly and confidently, and get you more

of what you want. Old methodologies and techniques no 

longer  work. Today, the most effective business people are

learning to weave negotiating skills into their interactions

with everyone.


The process and methodology for breaking through.

Assertive Negotiating™ provides a process and methodology that helps you build negotiating strategies, organize negotiation meetings and effectively deliver your value offering: The online course and optional

workshops enable you to:


  • Control the tone, the atmosphere and the tempo of your negotiations by orchestrating and managing
    a process

  • Dig to understand what you and your negotiating partners need to do to move the negotiation forward

  • Use techniques to build or enhance long-term relationships built on mutual respect

  • Use a tool that guids your strategy, organizes your face-to-face negotiations and focuses the value
    you bring to the table

  • Recognize and deal with negotiating tactics designed to extract concessions from you

  • Make informed judgements about a company's future

  • Remain flexible while assertively pursuing the agreement you want


A unique, structured approach.


Based on proven results, Assertive Negotiating™ goes far beyond tactics and techniques that are no

longer effective in today’s highly competitive markets. Participants learn to orchestrate the negotiation

process to gain commitments from customers and move the negotiation to a close.


Hands-on, real world tools make all the difference.


The Negotiation Value Planner gives you the confidence you need to lead negotiations and effectively

deliver your value offering.


A comfortable fit for any organization.


Assertive Negotiating™ provides a plan and tool set that integrate smoothly with any organization’s

culture and style. You strengthen your organization with new skills that help your team proactively 

manage their negotiations and add true value to your customer relationships.

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Assertive Negotiating Intro

Assertive Negotiating Intro

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