Best Customer Focus



Immediately improve the performance of

your business development team.

You can quickly elevate the performance of your new

business development team. It just takes laser-focus on

improving behaviors that atttract, deliver and retain

customers that fit your target customer profile.


The process and methodology for breaking through.

Best Customer Focus is a process that helps you focus your 

team on establishing target customer profiles best suited to

the individual rep. and to the company. Your team learns to:

  ● Quantify customer profitability
  ● Evaluate unique strengths of the company and individual reps.
  ● Define the company’s best customer in practical, meaningful terms

  ● Understand your customers’        

     business and enterprise issues     
  ● Zero in on the impact your solutions have on your best customers

  ● Develop Impact Messages that get attention and drive commitment

  ● Manage selling time for maximum efficiency and results


A unique, structured approach.

Based on proven results, Best Customer Focus goes far beyond tactics and techniques that are no longer

effective in today's highly competitive markets. Participants learn to orchestrate business development activities designed for acquiring the right customers, at the right time. They use selling time efficiently to maximize closing.


Hands-on, real world tools make all the difference.

The Customer Acquisition Planner (CAP) gives your team the roadmap and confidence they need to attract

your best customers.

A comfortable fit for any organization.

Best Customer Focus provides a plan and tool set that integrate smoothly with any organization’s culture and

style. You strengthen your business with new skills that help your team proactively manage their new customer acquisition activities and relationships.

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