Best Practices

Capturing best practices for any department in your

organization may sound like a great idea. We know

from experience, however, that very few organizations

have found a successful formula for capturing

and preserving best practices.


Now you can provide your team(s) with immediate access

to the knowledge and skills of your top producers. You can

make this valuable, motivating information available to

everyone on-demand, 24/7.


The process is simple and quick:


  • We work with your top producers for two hours.

  • We capture their best practices on a 3-4 minute professional video with your company branding.

  • You include the best practices videos as part of your Performance Support Library.

  • You communicate to producers' best practices to your entire team, 24/7.


Capturing the best practices of your top producers can improve your business this quarter. The system is perfect for communicating the best practices of top producers in all departments, including Sales, HR, Customer Service, Legal, Technical, Marketing and Management.

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