The company was founded in 2003. We are a consulting,

training and learning technology company dedicated to

helping employees learn more efficiently, retain knowledge 

longer and improve their reasoning and problem-solving



Our team includes business leaders with over 30 years of

experience in a variety of industries. Experts in education

science, marketing, multimedia production and software

development work closely with clients to develop and

implement sustainable training and communications

solutions that increase productivity, save time and

reduce training costs.





Steve Chriest, Founder and CEO

n 2003, Steve founded a sales and management consulting firm serving Fortune 1000 companies

in a variety of industries. Steve managed transition of the business to Nxell, focusing on learning

technology for a mobile world. Steve’s prior experience includes serving as CEO of a national finance

organization for fifteen years and CEO of a business consulting and software database development

company. Steve received a BA degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Since

1990, he has been President of Adults Toward Independent Living, a San Jose, California 501 (c)

nonprofit organizations dedicated to providing independent living facilities for adults with severe spinal

cord injuries.


Kenny Nguyen, CTO

Kenny is a service visionary with more than 14 years’ experience managing back end environments for

traditional and mobile applications. Kenny oversees platform development strategies for Open Advance.

He ensures that our solutions are scalable and keep pace with security. Kenny also has strong

development experience in the gaming industry, which will be a critical differentiator for the company’s

future products.


Rebecca Kammer, O.D., Ph.D., Chief Learning Officer

Dr. Kammer has been a faculty member of optometry colleges for 14 years. She recently completed a

doctorate in higher education. Her research focuses on student engagement and active learning aimed at

critical thinking development in doctoral health professions education. She has re-designed her own

teaching with significant learning experiences that have led to deep learning, retention of concepts and

knowledge, and improved problem-solving skills in optometry students. Dr. Kammer consults for colleges

on curriculum design using Active learning toward development of students’ critical thinking and reasoning

skills. Dr. Kammer earned her doctor of optometry degree from Ketchum University and her PhD from

Azusa Pacific University. In a humanitarian role, she serves as the Director of Vision Services at Under

The Same Sun, an organization aimed at ending discrimination of persons with albinism in Tanzania,



Conrad Hake, Database Architect

As an educator, Conrad started his career as a public school science teacher, later becoming a counselor

working with special needs children. He then entered the computer industry as a software educator. As a

software manager, he led the technical support team at DocuPro Corporation that computerized Consumer

Reports Magazine. Conrad, as a software engineer, oversees our database architecture design and

education planning of our mobile e-learning software programs. He received BA degrees in Education

from Kansas State University and Computer Science from California State University, Hayward

David Kuchar, Advisor

David Kuchar has a broad engineering background and experience in marketing and product design. David

has founded four companies, including ASPNetMedia, which licenses software to web developers, and

Lendfriend, a part of Angelpad, which was funded by Google Ventures and Science. He is currently a 

co-founder and CEO of Indisputable Labs, an R&D enterprise that builds projects and protocols using
blockchain technology.