Case Study


Video Production of Consultant's Training

Course and Packaging Materials


The Challenge


Michael Santos spent 26 years in federal prisons for an

offense he committed as a 23 year old. After earning a B.A. 

and M.A. degrees in prison, and writing several best-selling

books on prison reform, Michael emerged from prison

ready to share his story and help those still incarcerated

to become law-abiding, productive citizens when they

reenter society.


During his time in prison, Michael developed the Straight Guide, a program to teach prisoners the 

essential and necessary skills they need to lead a contributing life. Without any experience producing

training materials for broad distribution, Michael contacted us for advice and help.


How We Helped

After reviewing Michael’s voluminous materials on the Straight A Guide, we devised a plan for producing a

series of training videos that became the Straight A Guide  program. We coached Michael on effective

presentation skills and worked closely with him in the studio to produce the 10 Module Straight A Guide 



Once the videos were ready, we designed the graphics and packaging for the 10 DVD program. We

coordinated with a large fulfillment company to produce the DVDs in bulk, package and box the DVDs for shipment to Michael’s customers. Michael, through the Michael G. Santos Foundation, was ready to present the Straight A Guide program to prisons and law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S.




Armed with a compelling story and training program, and a professionally packaged product, Michael and

his foundation director immediately received orders from a variety of institutions in several states. This year Michael expects over 10,000 users of his Straight A Guide skills development program in federal, state and juvenile institutions.

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