Strategic Training Plan

Align training with strategy.

Training works best, and lasts, when content, timing and

objectives are aligned with company strategy. Helping to

fulfill the CEO’s vision, aligning with the company’s mission,

and contributing to the strategic plan’s strategic objectives

should be the highest priority for the training organization.

Strategic Training PlanTM provides a roadmap that guides

the training team toward timely alignment with company

strategy. When training department leaders understand

their role in helping to execute corporate strategy, they are

able to select the right training at the right time, adjust current offerings to reflect the results of situation analysis, and prepare confidently for an uncertain future.    


The process and methodology for breaking through.

Strategic Training Plan
TM provides training department leaders and executives with a communications

plan that clearly articulates how all training offers align with the company’s business strategy. 


With the resources in Strategic Training PlanTM training department leaders and executives focus on: 

   ●   Understanding the components of strategic planning

   ●   Teaching the planning process to front-line leaders in all departments

   ●  Building and maintaining the infrastructure of a learning organization

   ●  Focusing on long-term training outcomes   
   ●  Communicating honestly, clearly and unequivocally with all stakeholders
   ●  Negotiating with cross-functional team to manage resources
   ●  Implementing quality assurance program
   ●  Reporting upstream to aid senior management in situation analysis

A hands-on, proven approach.

Based on proven results, and built for flexibility, Strategic Training PlanTM provides a template for

managing a sustainable learning organization – one designed to change as rapidly as the company’s markets change.

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