Getting To Win-Win

Sell smarter, faster and more profitably with a proven strategy and call planning system.


Even the most experienced sales professionals and sales

leaders find it increasingly difficult to manage complex

sales without a system for building sound account

strategies, planning effective sales calls and delivering

value to buyers.


It’s more important today than ever to manage sales

interactions that gain customer commitment, protect

profit margins and move the sale to a close.


The process and methodology for breaking through.

Getting To Win-Win™ provides sales professionals and sales leaders with a process and methodology required for achieving win-win results in highly competitive markets.


As a framework sales process, Getting To Win-Win™ arms your sales team with a common language,

a reliable methodology for building account strategies, organizing sales call plans and preparing for engaging, dynamic customer interactions. The online course and optional workshops help salespeople

and managers to:


  • Identify and understand the unique roles played by key decision influencers in every
    complex sale opportunity

  • Accelerate sales cycles, even in a difficult economy

  • Improve close ratios

  • Free up more time for selling

  • Leverage key knowledge and experience to upgrade the entire team's capabilities

  • Continually improve an effective process


A unique, structured approach.


Based on proven results, Getting To Win-Win™ goes far beyond sales tactics and techniques that are 

no longer effective in today’s highly competitive markets. Participants learn to orchestrate a sales 

process that gets commitments from customers and speeds the sale to a quicker close.


Hands-on, real world tools make all the difference.


You will generate profitable revenue with a proven process and tools designed for identifying viable opportunities, closing the business you decide to pursue, and sustaining important relationships


A comfortable fit for any organization.


Getting To Win-Win™ may be all you need to elevate your team's performance in highly competitive markets. You strengthen your team with new ways to move sales relationships forward and more

effectively manage the business of sales.

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