Leader Coaching

A plan for moving from good - to great - to extraordinary coach.

Even the most experienced sales leaders find it increasingly

difficult to coach and manage individuals and teams in

today’s busy, complex world. That’s why it’s more important

than ever to build excellent coaching into the organization. 

Coaching performance is much different than managing

performance. Leader CoachingTM goes far beyond

‘managing and inspection’ to identifying and developing

talent and integrating creativity into teams. 


The process and methodology for breaking through.

Leader CoachingTM provides sales leaders with knowledge, skills and a template for improving individual and

team performance. 

As a coaching framework, Leader Coaching
TM arms your sales leaders  with a common language, a reliable

strategy for effective coaching, and the confidence needed to bring out the best in their teams. The online

course and optional workshops help sales leaders:

●  Create time for preparation and organization

●  Understand that effective coaching is teaching

●  Recognize individual and team talent and coach to strengths

●  Uncover “drivers” that motivate team members 
●  Communicate honestly, clearly and unequivocally
●  Encourage, guide and integrate individual creativity into the team
●  Leverage knowledge and experience to upgrade the entire team's capabilities
●  Continually improve an effective process

A hands-on, proven approach.

Based on proven results, Leader CoachingTM goes far beyond traditional sales management and 

that are no longer effective with today's sales professionals. Sales leaders learn to =encourage creativity, drive superior performance and correct mistakes immediately.

Leader Coaching
TM is a hands-on, disciplined but flexible coaching system  that helps sales leaders recognize

and reward talent, encourages creativity and develops team performance that benefits the organization and

its customers.  You create a “coaching culture” that attracts top talent and helps keep the performing talent on

your teams.


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