Management today is more about leadership than ever before. We developed the Sales Management Operating System (SMOS) as a comprehensive, disciplined system for managing the sales organization. Execution of your strategy is built into the Sales Management Operating System.


The SMOS empowers front-line leaders with knowledge and tools for control, profits and growth. The system provides a unified approach to managing all sales activities, including talent selection and management, skill-building and reinforcement, CRM integration and continuous organizational improvement.


Quality Assurance, a unique component of the SMOS, ensures the preservation and improvement of an opportunity-focused sales organization.


Strategic Sales Plan

Sound strategic planning for developing and managing the opportunity-focused, self-improving sales organization.


Sales Management Operating System (SMOS)

A management system for growing sales, increasing profitability and responding to changing markets.


Leadership In A Social World

Essential knowledge, tools and a plan for managing change and leading with passion, objectivity and confidence.


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