Mid-Enterprise Portal

Designed for mid-size organizations, our Mid-Enterprise

plan provides world-class training and the essential

features of the openadvance Cloud training platform.

openadvance Cloud courses are available at drastically

reduced prices. Courses and reinforcement tools are

offered on our mobile E-learning platform that delivers

what users need, precisely when they need it, anytime

and on any device.


As your organization grows, we want to grow with you.
To support our Mid-Enterprise clients, our auto-upgrade
feature allows you to jump to Enterprise pricing when you reach 200 subscriptions and renew the subscriptions for a year. Your pricing will not only be reduced for the renewal subscription period, but we

will rebate the difference between your new Enterprise pricing and the Mid-Enterprise pricing you paid

the year preceding your jump to Enterprise pricing. 



As a Mid-Enterprise client, with 50-199 subscribers, your annual cost per subscriber is just $468.00 ($1.28/day). Your subscription level includes:

  • 12 month subscription period for each user 

  • Access to all openadvance Cloud courses

  • Access to Anytime Podcasts that reinforce concepts and learnings

  • Auto-upgrade feature

  • Course tailoring

  • Administrator controls 

  • Analytics reporting


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