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Performance Support Library

One of the worst kept secrets about employee training is that most training just doesn’t “stick.” An important reason is that most companies don’t have a mechanism for reinforcing the training. With

learning retention rates as low as 5%, billions of dollars are spent each year on training sessions that

simply become “events.”


Now there is a simple, affordable and effective solution for reinforcing concepts and skills on-demand,

at the precise time of want and need – our Performance Support Library. Your library contains

engaging, “just in time” video-based training reinforcement in one minute modules designed for easy access and quick reference.


The process is simple and quick:

  • We discuss key concepts for reinforcement, industry-specific language and your internal
    processes for incorporation into your Performance Support Library.

  • We recommend videos and create visuals to support your goals and objectives.

  • We create your Performance Support Library online interface branded with your company
    logo and taglines.

  • You get immediate 24/7 access and monitoring with useful analytics.


Coaching, although popular today, has not proven to be a sustainable solution for learning retention.

The Performance Support Library is designed for continual updating and easy integration into your 

current practices and systems.

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