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Producing With a Plan

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

We look forward to working with our clients to produce videos and other media productions that communicate with passion, credibility and quality. Here is a summary of the process we use to ensure a smooth, satisfying production experience. Clients are always encouraged to contact us anytime with special needs or questions.

A Proven Process

Our goal is help you maximize creativity and production of your video project. We're here to help you as script writers, editors, directors, videographers and audio engineers. To produce

the best video products within your budget, we follow a proven three-step process designed

to save you time and money.

Pre-Production – Concept, Storyboards, Scripts, Casting, Location, Shot lists

The part that will most influence the quality of any video project is pre-production. Planned properly, a project can meet and exceed your goals. Ignoring or minimizing the importance of this first step in the production process often leads to costly mistakes and delays that negatively impact a project.

From understanding precisely what you want to accomplish, to finalizing a script and building the shot-list, we work with you to plan each aspect of your production, leaving nothing to chance. Only your input and approval moves the project to the next step.

Production – In Studio, On Location, Voice Over & Special Effects

If we’ve done our job right in pre-production, the actual production of the video will go smoothly. Our team approaches each project with a well defined plan. Everything is scheduled and managed, from location details to equipment to crew. On shoot day, everyone knows both their roles and responsibilities.

Post-Production – Editing, Motion Graphics, Sound Design, Animation

Once the video content has been created, our editors will trim down the content into the “rough edit.” You are asked for input and approval. Next, sound effects, final motion graphics, music score and color correction are completed. When you give your final approval, the video is converted to the format you need and the project is complete.

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