Sales Management Operating System (SMOS)

Build an opportunity-focused, self-renewing sales organization.


By giving front-line sales leaders the tools they need to help their teams preserve and expand key customer

relationships, you can build execution of your sales strategy into a customized Sales Management Operating System™ (SMOS).


Our exclusive Sales Management Operating System™ is a collection of proven management tools, processes 

and knowledge that empowers front-line sales leaders to lead their teams with objectivity, consistency and passion. You get the system you need to grow sales, proactively respond to changing markets and fine tune your organization in real time.


The SMOS overlays new or existing sales processes and provides your sales leaders with all the tools they need

to build an opportunity-focused, self-renewing selling organization. You choose the components you need,

when you need them.


We partner with your sales leadership team to:

  • Create a target prospect profile that identifies the key characteristics of the customers your organization
    can best serve

  • Develop and implement the right sales pipeline rules and metrics for accelerating proftable sales

  • Articulate your organization's Invisible Advantage - the key drivers of success for your business

  • Define behaviors, structure and metrics required for consistent leadership

  • Devise a continuous process improvement strategy


Help front-line leaders refine their skills and acquire new skills.


  • Creating, organizing and implementing departmental initiatives

  • Communicating to and inspiring sales professionals

  • Measuring and assessing performance

  • Setting individual and team goals

  • Managing change


Leading with enthusiasm and passion.


The SMOS empowers your sales managers to lead with passion. It integrates dynamic new approaches and

useful tools with your present processes to minimize time and maximize accomplishment. Your leaders

come away with an actionable roadmap that guides them in building an opportunity-focused, self-correcting organization – one that produces more profitable and predictable revenue and becomes an appreciating

corporate asset.

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