Selling To The E-Suite

The no-nonsense process for reaching and engaging with senior executives.


Even the most sophisticated sales professionals find it

increasingly difficult to gain access to decision makers and

influencers at the highest levels. Old techniques no longer

work. Today, access to senior executives in complex

organizations demands comprehensive  preparation and

flawless sales call execution.


The process and methodology for breaking


Selling To The E-Suite™ provides anyone who meets with

senior executives with the process and methodology required to  call on senior executives in their customer organizations. Sales Professionals and support staff learn to:


  • Determine the appropriate levels at which executives should be contacted

  • Engage sooner with senior executives to speed the sales cycle

  • Move from information broker to knowledge broker and consultant

  • Become the "go to guy" senior executives rely on

  • Assess the potential impact of a senior executive sales call

  • Craft unique messages designed to get the appointment when needed

  • Learn to move beyond sales to managing the executive meeting


A unique, structured approach.


Based on proven results, Selling To The E-Suite™ goes far beyond tactics and techniques that senior executives easily see through. Participants take advantage of a carefully honed structure for reaching

senior executives and performing effectively when in the meeting.


Hands-on, real world tools make all the difference.


The E-Suite Call Plan Qualifier and Meeting Planner give you the confidence you need to make an

effective sales call. Sales professionals come away better knowing what motives senior executives and

how to determine when to make – or not make – a call. This ensures launching =every sales campaign

at the right time with the right support.


A comfortable fit for any organization.


Selling To The E-Suite™ provides a plan and tool set that integrate smoothly with any organization’s

sales process, building on the methodology you've painstakingly developed. You strengthen your team

with new ways to move sales relationships forward and more effectively manage key customer


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