Today's Leader

Leading today requires new knowledge and skills, even for the most gifted managers.


Over 2,500 years ago the great military strategist, Sun Tzu taught that “Generally, management of many is the same as management of few. It is a matter of organization.”


Many management theorists since the time of Sun Tzu recognized that organizational skills are an integral partof management and leadership. But that’s not enough to succeed as a leader today. Rapid, incessant change is the current reality, and your ability to help your people cope with change will, in large measure, determine your success as a leader.


Whether you lead teams, or an entire organization, Today's Leader™ gives you the knowledge and tools you need to lead effectively and to develop great leaders for your organization.


The process and methodology for breaking through.

Today's Leader™ provides you with a process and tools for continual growth as a leader. For you, stagnation isn’t an option. You need a foundation for effective leadership and a system that helps you grow as the world’s

business environment evolves.


Today's Leader™ is designed for today’s and tomorrow’s leaders. Whether you are a seasoned manager, or just beginning your leadership journey, you’ll acquire knowledge and tools that

help you:

  • Understand strategic and tactical work priorities

  • Communicate to build confidence and trust

  • Connect to the organization’s strategic objectives

  • Understand the social forces beyond your control

  • Lead incessant change with authority and empathy

  • Listen through all the noise and distractions

  • Leverage organizational intelligence for a competitive edge

  • Create a culture of innovation and continuous growth

  • Achieve higher-order thinking and use critical thinking skills

  • Apply Quality Assurance for continuous improvement


A structured approach with built-in flexibility.


Based on proven results, Today's Leader™ goes far beyond traditional leadership training. Participants learn to orchestrate their roles as leaders and develop effective leaders for tomorrow.

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