Strategic Partners

Managing strategic partners is priority 

account management.


Implementing a successful strategic account management

program requires a system and methodology for managing

key customer relationships that aligns with your company’s

goals and objectives. Strategic Partners™ is a priority

account management plan that focuses on helping your

sales team develop mutual =business objectives with your 

key partners.


Old methodologies and techniques for managing and growing business with key partners will no longer work. To survive and prosper today, sales professionals must work closely with key accounts to ensure two-way 

profitability and success. This requires understanding key influencers in the strategic account from their



The process and methodology for breaking through.

Strategic Partners™ provides account managers with the process and methodology needed to achieve true

win-win relationships with strategic accounts. The online course and optional workshop enables the strategic account manager to:


  • Measure key account relationship strength today and estimate for tomorrow

  • Motivate key decison-makers to become enthusiastic supporters of your product and service offerings

  • Effectively communicate initiatives to key customers and internal sales support and technical teams

  • Develop strategic objectives that guide short-term and long-term selling activitites designed to produce
    sustainable results

  • Move beyond making sales to managing sales and key customer relationships

  • Build credibility, trust and confidence with decision influencers to ensure continued, profitable business with key customers

  • Decrease price sensitivity and minimize competitive risks


A unique, structured approach.

Based on proven results, Strategic Partners™ guides your sales professionals in managing strategic accounts to better fulfill your corporate goals and objectives. Your team will learn how to work closely with your key

partners to maximize profits, increase market share and enhance  end-user satisfaction.


Hands-on, real world tools make all the difference.


You will generate strong strategic account plans with the Strategic Planner tool. You will have everything you

need to show your customers that you have the tools and know-how to manage your relationships with

business acumen.


A comfortable fit for any organization.


Strategic Partners™ fits smoothly with any sales methodology you now use. We tailor all of our programs and

workshops to integrate seamlessly with the processes you've painstakingly built.

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