Strategic Sales Plan

Strategic management for the company's senior sales executive.

The realities of today’s volatile economic environment mandate a new strategic sales plan for the senior leaders of the professional selling organization.


Old methodologies and techniques for managing and growing a sales organization will no longer work.

To survive and prosper today, senior sales leaders and senior executives must develop sound sales strategies and execution plans for preserving key and strategic customers, expanding sales with their

most profitable customers, and focusing on bona fide opportunities that reflect the reality of limited resources and support the company’s business strategy.


The process and methodology for breaking through.

Strategic Sales Plan™ applies the strategic planning process to managing the enterprise sales organization. Senior sales executives get tools designed to build and increase profitable sales in 

any economy. Our online course and optional workshop allows sales leaders to:


  • Develop a strategic sales plan for the organization that aligns with corporate strategy

  • Provides an exciting and inspiring vision that clearly communicates where you want to take
    the selling organization

  • Craft a useful working mission that communicates performance standards and accountabilities
    for delivering your promises to investors, stockholders, senior management, employees,
    suppliers and customers

  • Develop strategic objectives that guide short-term and long-term selling activities designed to 
    produce sustainable results

  • Use a tool for situation appraisal that provides you with up-to-the-minute knowledge of external 
    and internal issues you must address

  • Evaluate your assets (people and technology).

  • Specify performance accountabilities and construct a plan for reallocation where required

  • Discover opportunities for immediate results and decide on what NOT to focus

  • Uncover your organization's Invisible Advantages


A unique, structured approach.

Based on proven results, Strategic Sales Plan™ provides tools that senior executives and boards use

to manage the enterprise. You strengthen your organization with new skills and a strategic approach to managing the selling organization.


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