Strategic Sales Roadmap

Managing sales as a business within your business.


Even advanced selling skills are no longer sufficient to keep your sales team ahead of the competition.

Today, more than ever before, your customers and clients want to feel secure about their future with

your team and your company.


That’s where Strategic Sales Roadmap™ gives you an edge. Your team will learn the process of

strategic planning for their individual sales businesses. They will supplement their selling skills with

business knowledge and tools that help them manage their selling activities as a business within your business.


The process and methodology for breaking through.

Strategic Sales Roadmap™ provides a process and methodology that helps your team create a

plan for managing not only their sales activities, but their sales future. Our online course and optional 

workshop allows your sales professionals and leaders to:


  • Create a vision for their sales business that guides their activities today and tomorrow

  • Develop a business plan for sales activities with clearly defined objectives, clear
    accountabilities and a tactical plan to meet important objectives

  • Build profitable sales for sales professionals and the company

  • Anticipate changes to market conditions and react with ease, confidence and agility

  • Move beyond making sales to managing sales and key customer relationships

  • Use a management tool for systematic follow up with sales professionals and teams

  • Continually improve an effective process


A unique, structured approach.

Based on proven results, Strategic Sales Roadmap™ goes far beyond traditional sales training.

Your team gains business knowledge and new skills they will use to build their sales and build

customer confidence.


Hands-on, real world tools make all the difference.


The Sales Roadmap Plannner guides your sales professionals in developoing their sales strategies,

setting clear, achievable goals and objectives, and executing a tactical plan designed to produce 

immediate results.


A comfortable fit for any organization.


Strategic Sales Roadmap™ provides a plan and tool set that integrate smoothly with any 

organization's culture and style. You strengthen your organization with new skills that help your

teams proactively manage the business of sales.

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