The Profit Analyst

Business acumen focuses everyone on the 

success of the organization.


According to Jonathan Schiff at Fairleigh Dickinson

University, “good things happen when you increase 

business acumen across the company.”


Now there’s a quick, painless way to get everyone in your

organization on the same revenue generation page. You

can help your employees learn how your company makes

sales, earns profits and generates cash.  Understanding

the basics of corporate finance isn’t rocket science, and an 

employee doesn’t have to be a CPA to learn to read and understand the language of business.


The Profit Analyst starts with financial literacy.


  • Rapidly identify and organize key data in company financial documents

  • Understand what financial statements mean to the business, its customers and suppliers, to investors and to employees

  • Assess a company's vital financial performance and health

  • Examine management's goals, expectations and concerns

  • Go beyond the numbers and consider a company's "value"

  • Make informed judgements about a company's future

  • Learn how daily actions and decisions impact success

  • Align with everyone to contribute to the company's bottom line


Master useful tools in under two hours.


Right at your PC, laptop, tablet or phone you'll learn to identify and analyze key information found in

five critically important financial statement components:


  • Statement of Income

  • Balance Sheet

  • Statement of Cash Flows

  • Key Ratios

  • Footnotes and Management Discussion & Analysis


Harness a powerful tool for fast comprehension.


Participants can use our Five Minute Performance Grid to create an instant picture of a company's financial health - and when they finish the course, they'll know how to do it in less than five minutes.

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